By Jacob Allenwood

5 Ways to Use Hot Sauce

Hot sauce is an outrageously versatile condiment, especially because there are so many flavor and pepper combinations!

Here are 5 ways we like to use hot sauce around here.

  1. The Flavorful Fiery Dipper: Transform any mundane dipping sauce into a flavor explosion by adding a dash of hot sauce. It's like taking your favorite dipping sauce…and then making it way better. Use it for fries, chicken tenders, or even veggies if you're feeling adventurous.

  2. The Condiment: The condiment. The ultimate topping. Slap it on burgers (Dressed to Impresso is amazing for this), fried chicken, rice bowls, egg sandwiches, you name it! Bring it with you wherever you go, and always be prepared for an amazing meal.

  3. Sizzling Salad Dressing Guru: Who says salads have to be boring? Craft your own signature salad dressing by blending hot sauce (Jalapeño Dream) with olive oil, vinegar, and a pinch of your favorite herbs. It's like a spicy tango for your greens.

  4. Saucy Marinade Maestro: Step 1. Soak your meats and veggies in a hot tub of flavor juice (or marinade..). Step 2. Grill. Step 3. Become the GRILLMASTER.

  5. The One-Upper: When you already have a good condiment to work with, but want to up the ante. It’s pretty simple: add hot sauce! We’re thinking spicy mayo, spicy yum yum sauce, spicy mustard…you get the picture.

Bonus tip!

Fast food + Wayward Pepper Co. Combinations

  1. Raising Cane’s Sauce mixed with Dressed to Impresso

  2. Starbucks’ Bacon, Gouda & Egg Sandwich topped with Jalapeño Dream

  3. Chick-Fil-A’s Spicy Chicken Biscuit topped with Dressed to Impresso