Our Story


I grew up in a New England household where my mother (love you, mom) cooked delicious home-cooked meals, but she thought that black pepper was “too spicy”. The world of chili peppers with names like “Carolina Reaper” and “Dragon’s Breath” was as far away from me as Maine is to Mars (or Tennessee as it turned out).


Shortly after I moved out of New England, a couple of friends and I all tried Ghost Pepper sauce for the first time (in Tennessee)—it was love at first taste. The sauce brought tears of joy to my eyes, and that shared experience of trying something new and delicious together (whilst crying) kick started this ongoing passion of peppers & people.


While crafting sauces that taste great and are healthy for you is extremely important to us, the most important piece of all this is the people. Without people, there would be no peppers, and no one to share with. We care deeply for the people we get to interact with, and are honored to partner with non-profits who pour back into our community.


Thank you for your support! Feel free to contact us, and follow us on social media. Let us know how you use our sauces!

I hope that our sauces can do for you what one sauce did for me and my friends: forge friendships in the fiery furnace of chili pepper madness.